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Dreaded touch cover issue


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Well I've finally been hit by the dreaded touch cover issue where it starts opening up near the part where it connects with the tablet, exposing what's inside. Is this happening to the majority of those who have been using their touch cover for a while now? Any solutions? Unfortunately I can't replace mine through warranty because I didn't buy mine from an authorized retailer.

What I basically do is I tuck it back in every time I see it pop out, but its only a temporary solution.

Well i cant fix your current issue, but to keep this from happening when you want to fold the cover back behind the tablet, take it off turn it around reattach it and than fold it back so the keys are against the back of the tablet.

Do you fold your cover back a lot or did this just happen out of the blue? I am just curious.
I fold mine back quite often because I use it as a tablet a lot of the time or I fold it back when using my Bluetooth keyboard. It is of course designed to fold back as the keyboard/trackpad are disabled once folded back. If this is happening to a lot of touch covers, I'd say its just an oversight on Microsoft's part. It doesn't bother me too much as long as the keyboard keeps working and nothing gets inside. It isn't getting worse though since I keep tucking it back in so that it appears that there is no problem
No it is def a know problem since the RT came out. It even happened to my wifes RT. I exchanged the cover at MS store and since on her RT and my pro i just turn the cover around to avoid this happening again.
I'm sending mine back now. When I first started seeing it separate, I tucked it back in and put a drop of super glue on the spot. It kept it from coming apart, but it cause a somewhat ugly wrinkle and shiny spot when the glue dried. The keyboard still functions fine. A few months later, it started separating on the back side. That's when I decided to just send it in for replacement. Support was very helpful. No questions asked. I told them it was separating and they arranged the return. I wish I had a store nearby, but I guess I'm, better off than those who live outside of an area where these are officially sold. Its definitely a design flaw. I'm hoping the replacement has had a redesign to address the problem.
i am not sure what covers you all have but i heard it mainly happened in the touch cover. That is what my wife had. That is one reason but not the main reason i got the type cover with my pro. I heard the fold is made diff on the Type cover. Curious which cover each of you have....
Turning it round or putting glue on it isn't a fix for a manufacturing/design fault though. If mine starts coming apart, MS will be replacing it, that's for sure.
Yes, as far as I know, this is a touch cover problem only. It looks like the design is for a flap of material to slide freely in and out under the main hinge piece as the cover is opened and closed - hence why I got an ugly wrinkle when I put the drop of glue on it. The problem seems to be that material isn't quite long enough and can get pulled completely out from under the hinge piece. The first time I saw it, I took a knife and gently pushed it back under the hinge. When it did it again, that was when I got the idea to drop some glue there. It fixed the issue, but not the best cosmetic option. I'm hoping the replacement has an updated design to prevent the issue. I use my Surface a LOT - that flap gets bent back and forth MANY times a day. Otherwise, I love the design and function of the touch cover.
My touch cover suffered from this problem pretty much straight away but MS were happy to replace. That was a few months ago and the replacement is still OK but to be honest I do remove it rather than flipping it over when not using it. I know this is a bit of a copout but it only takes a second to remove and I'd rather do that than risk another tear.