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Light Gaming on SP4 M3

um hombre

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Hi guys,

2 week owner of SP4.

I bought it to serve as a tablet and secondary pic for work/leisure, documents, browsing, movies etc.

I was thrilled to discover it has much more potent you than i7 on my 2012 Mac mini so naturally, I wanted to check out some games from earlier days.

I wanted to play Shogun 2 total war on it in, say, 1300x768 resolution in medium settings, so I tried the demo.

I was concerned to notice the max temperatures jumped to 63 degrees Celsius and the aluminum on the right side, back, became very warm in no time...

I am concerned that prolonged usage like this would affect battery health of surface because of the temperature, mind you I only want to play it when connected to power supply.

My question is, does it make sense to strain this little thing with light gaming? Would 63 degrees Celsius be an issue for internals during 1-3 hours of gaming?

Or does it make sense to manually decrease cup and you performance and play on for example 50% cpu and balanced you profile?


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63 degrees is well under spec (~90-100 degrees). It's totally fine. That hot spot on the back of the device is where the heat sink is to dissipate heat: the fact that it's hot is a good sign that it's dumping the heat out of the device.