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Location Frustration


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Every app I have that wants to use my "location" thinks I am in OK. I am in TX. Two different MS Surface technicians I chatted with could not fix the issue. My location services is turned on... they went through all my settings, etc. but no joy. Anyone else having this issue?

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It's most likely due to your ISP. You are probably routed on their internal network from TX to a hub in OK before reaching the internet. As the Surfaces don't have GPS your location is determined by your IP address which would be OK if my assumptions are correct.

I'm the Houston area but show as if I'm in Dallas because of my ISP's infrastructure.

Hope this helps.


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Yep, I'm in Seattle on Comcast and often it thinks I'm in Portland, OR, occasionally Sacramento, CA and have seen San Francisco, San Diego and once Salt Lake City....


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Not just a Surface problem, my iPhone thinks I'm miles away when I search for the weather using location services at my girlfriend's house.


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It's common on Wired or WiFi, it all depends on the ISP's routing, Cell uses triangulation so it tends to be more accurate.


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This is something that used to work perfectly in the Surface RT. Now my location is about 3 miles from the actual.

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