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Surface RT Frustration


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I have to voice my frustration at RT. I purchased it for work purposes to be used on the road when conducting inspections and taking statements (MS Office on the tablet is a godsend!). However, I have tried to download drivers for my HP Bluetooth printer and RT is refusing to install them because they are not a commonly downloaded file. I can't access the databases on the work servers through the Citrix software because RT won't recognise the file extension, despite downloading the Citrix app. I'm still not sure how I am going to be able to connect my tablet to the internet when on the road because I believe my blackberry OS can't be used as a hotspot. It seems every which way I turn, I hit a road block and I'm beginning to regret buying this tablet. Can anyone tell me if, when Win 8 pro is released, the OS will be able to be updated from RT?


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1. Windows 8 has been released even before the Surface RT.
2. Surface RT runs ONLY Windows RT and cannot be upgraded to Windows 8 of any edition.
3. There is a sticky in this forum about Hardware Compatibility, that links to the Microsoft website.


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I'm still not sure how I am going to be able to connect my tablet to the internet when on the road because I believe my blackberry OS can't be used as a hotspot.
No reason that you can't use your BlackBerry to WiFi or Bluetooth tether.


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Sorry to hear about your frustration. You can work around some of it but some of it is the way Windows RT is. It sounds as though you didn't thoroughly research or understand the difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. RT is essentially a mobile version of Windows 8 that has certain limitations due to running on ARM processors.

WinRT does not support the full set of Win8 drivers and you may never be able to download drivers that MS hasn't already provided with WinRT.

The Citrix issue will almost certainly be corrected. This is up to Citrix as an app developer to address the problem and create an app that works on Windows RT. Contact Citrix and express your concern over being able to use their product on Windows RT. The more interest that is shown the more likely they are to get things working.

There are many options for getting internet access through another device. If your current phone doesn't support internet sharing features that is not the fault of the Surface. You need to either update your phone to one with the functions you need or you can get a device like a mifi which is a portable wifi hotspot that can connect to the cellular networks. This will allow you to use any device with wifi over a cellular data connection.

One issue (drivers) is out of your control. The other two you can work with if you decide to put in some effort. If not, then the Surface RT may not be the device for you.



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I have tried to download drivers for my HP Bluetooth printer

I bet their is a compatible HP driver you can use. Their was no SPECIFIC driver for my HP but the generic HP driver works just fine..... wirelessly.... Try a few...


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That's the great thing about having choices. You choose what will work best for you.

If your phone won't provide a hotspot, buy another phone. If the Surface can't connect to your printer either buy another printer or return the Surface and buy a tablet that will connect to your printer (if you can find one).

All of the issues you describe can be fixed either by using different hardware or by Citrix updating their software (the only one actually out of your control).

I use all manner of hardware and software, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, whatever. I use what gets the job done for me. They are all good, but not always 100% compatible with everything. Get the equipment and software that will work for YOU. Doesn't mean the other stuff is no good, it just means it isn't working for you.


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Thanks for all the replies. I guess I didn't know enough before I bought it, but in my defence, neither did the sales rep at one of our biggest electronics retailers. I was never told it wouldn't be compatible with any of the hardware I need to use and I explained what I needed it for. As for purchasing new phones and mobile printers to be compatible with the tablet, unfortunately that's not an option, as I'm limited to what my employer provides. I'm looking into software upgrades to my BlackBerry to allow me to use it as a hotspot and I checked into the drivers for the canon mobile printer which some use at work. One site said it was supported under RT but when I went to the driver download page, the Win RT OS was not an option. Its a real shame because, despite my rants, the more I use this tablet, the more I like it.


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maybe you can find a compatible driver for your printer. as for the blackberry, 6.x has tethering option, that you may want to check out. may i know what is your bb phone and canon printer models?