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Lock Screen Apps not running?


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Greetings everyone!

I just bough my Surface 2 about a week ago to use when on business away from the family. One of the best tools to keep in touch is Skype, but my Skype will not ring through when my surface goes to lock screen / sleep mode. I have checked my Skype settings, and it is set to run in the background. It is not until I unlock my Surface that it will start to allow Skype to ring through. This stops people from getting a hold of me when I am lounging elsewhere in the room.

I also noticed that when I go into my lock screen settings, all my apps that are supposed to be running in the background are all greyed out. I have Calendar, Weather, Skype and other programs set to run. The only thing that displays on my lock screen is the date and time.

Any guidance or information someone can share with me? Is the surface incapable of allowing notifications when the screen goes dark?

Thanks in advance!