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Loose Connection - Hardware chime


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Apologies but if it has been asked. Have had a look at the answers and they don't seam to match the issue am having.
I have a surface book 2 which will act as though hardware is being connected and disconnected.
I don't use the USB connections at all
If I open and close the screen it will eventually ( at the moment) correct itself.
Its 3 years old


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I don't know if this will help but I'd try it in your shoes.
How to track down USB flash drive usage with Windows 10's Event Viewer

the article talks about enabling logging for driver framework. they are specifically after USB info but it doesn't appear to be unique to USB. The events may or may not be the same but if it's going to tell you something there will be entries with DriverFrameworks-UserMode as the source. Assuming this works digging through the events should reveal the culprit.

Also inspect the connectors where the tablet and base connect. ensure there is no debris stuck in there and there are no bent or dammaged pins.


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You may have a dirty connection at the hinge port. My Surface Book 2 did this and drove me crazy for a couple of months. I disconnected the screen (clipboard) from the base (keyboard) and looked at the connector with a bright pen light. I found a few metallic fibers hanging around there. Because Surface Book devices often use magnet-assisted ports, those ports can attract some metallic debris.

I cleaned out the port gently with a slightly wet toothpick, making sure not to break the wood. The debris snagged on the woodgrain, and the problem was solved.