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Loving my Surface Pro


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While I've had a few issues, I have to say I love this thing. I can't believe how nice it is to actually have a tablet capable of doing real work - unlike my old iPad.

Last night, my wife was in charge of a church youth group activity and they decided to play Jeopardy. I popped onto the web and downloaded a Jeopardy power point file. Next, I plugged the projector into the MiniDisplay Port dongle and the plugged it in. Instantly, the tablet and external display were configured. I started the slide show and was greeted with the cool presenter mode on the tablet while the projector showed the current slide (I know this is due to Office 2013 and really has nothing to do with the Surface but it was still cool). Everything worked perfectly. Later, when I got home, I needed to make some changes to a program I'm working on but the kids were using my desktop computer so I fired up Inteli J and started coding from my couch.

The more I use this device, the more I love it. It's great to not have to think of ways around Apple's limitations.


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I've had the SP almost since its release and I have loved it since. I don't think I would ever go back to getting old traditional laptops. I think because of my profession and how I use the surface, it fits almost perfectly into my usage.

I too hook up my surface to a projector and regularly do powerpoint presentations. When in presenter view of PPT2013, you can use the stylus as a laser pointer by selecting it and hovering over the slide. You can also do digital inking right onto the slide for illustrations and such. Pretty amazing. I use the SP in many other ways too


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Ditto...... I love mine and am constantly getting the "What is that....that is cool" question while out with it. I use the PPt with Skype on goto meetings at least once a wk. While on one I started to ink on the screen and everyone on the call did not believe it was live inking they thought I had incorp it into the pres. Um have I mentioned I need an easier way ( a tile) to toggle Bluetooth on and off. I am simple that's all I want.:smile:


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It's great to not have to think of ways around Apple's limitations.

I agree 100%.

Interesting how human nature works. Millions of people have just 'accepted' the work-arounds, dead-ends and substitute apps that most tablets offer. And they've all been on a learning curve as they adapt to the simple fact that most tablets cannot do what PC's do.

No need.

The Surface Pro offers everything a tablet has, with full-blown PC performance. No more trade-offs. No more waiting to get home - to do things your tablet can't.

Those limitations had me on a vicious cycle: Buy a tablet? Return it. Buy another? Sell it on eBay. Buy a different kind? return that too.

The Surface Pro is a keeper.


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So I was out with my SP and a complete stranger came up to me and asked is Mitchellvii really serious about a kickstand and pen holder. Really. :wink:just kidding..
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When i go out complete strangers come up to me and ask, "Why isn't the kickstand adjustable?", I swear. :)

Complete strangers walk up to me all the time and NEVER say anything like that. They mostly ask about it and love it when I show them that ANYTHING available for windows can be installed. They LOVE Office. I generally get the Where, when, how much, and spec questions. Its a 2lb Ultra-Ultra Book. They love the keyboard and remark that "they(MS) should have done this a long time ago. My co-worker, our applications architect, sells the tablets out the door whenever he is at the pop-up store in Durham. He demos the device and all it can do, RT or PRO, and they walk themselves to the register.


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Agreed - almost the perfect device, getting more use than my iPad ever did... even find myself wondering where my iPhone is as the Surface seems to be the device I always have to hand!