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Surface RT Not Charging


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Have seen this on other forums and haven't yet seen it on here yet.

My Surface RT 64 gig after 4 days of use does not want to charge. The cable is not bad, already verified that, just the tablet won't recognize it is plugged in. Push the on button and it shows the 'Surface' screen and then followed by the battery screen.

Prior to this I noticed, while using the tablet, that the battery status never left 100%. Restarted the tablet and it never booted back up and that is when I started having the issue.

Have read on another forum that people have left them alone for a few weeks and then just randomly plug it in and it works. Seems that the battery has the fully discharge and fully die and then the system 'resets' itself and takes a charge.

Anyone else experience this yet? Got it as a gift from my company 4 days ago. Can't complain too much, but rather disheartening to have an issue like this after only a few days of light use.

Talked with support and they say it is a faulty battery and to put in a replacement request. So if anyone else has this issue you will probably be looking at having to get a new one.

On the otherhand, if you want to wait around and wait for the battery to fully discharge... the battery seems to 'clear' its error at this point and come back to life. At least that is what I have gathered over the last few days of readings.
Oh boy, I sent my Surface for a replacement, a while back...
They really do take their time for some reason, it's been weeks for me and they haven't even sent one back yet.