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Managing two Microsoft accounts


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So...I got a Surface Pro and went through the set up, entering one email address. Then, after the Office 365 trial ended, I "subscribed" to Office 365--but with a different email address. I didn't realize what I had created a problem until I decided to access Office 365 from the web interface and I noticed that none of my Sky Drive files were available. It seems as though I have two SkyDrive accounts now--the one with synced files is not the one that has an active Office 365 account.

The challenge is, I'm not sure what to do about it. Is there a convenient way to combine the two accounts? I don't even know how to access the SkyDrive account settings on the Surface Pro.



Do you want to have two accounts, or would one suffice? Some things I would try if one would be OK for you:

1. Open any 365 program, then go to File, Office Account. It will list among other things "Connected Services". There will be at least one there, a Skydrive account. Do this this on the other machine(s) and see if they are indeed using different Skydrive accounts
2. Assuming that you have verified that there's more than one account in use, go back to Office Account on the machine you wish to change. Under "User Information" you will see "Switch Account". Click on this and you will be given the option to use a different E-mail address for 365. Change and you're done!


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I manage a few Microsoft accounts and don't have too many problems doing so. I don't have Office 365 though which I could see posing a problem. You can link accounts on the Microsoft website but not sure if that will help you.


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Yes, each Microsoft account gets a different SkyDrive. If you are now using a new Microsoft account, you will need to log into your old account and download all your files from SkyDrive to your computer. Then log into your new account and upload the files to the new SkyDrive. You may be able to share a folder between the accounts but I haven't done that myself.