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Manga Studio on Surface Pro

another confirmation, via another forum:
You know, I've got Manga Studio 5 working on a Surface Pro since a few days - and yes, it ROCKS! Even though the screen is very small which makes it hard to hit the sliders at times, it's a fantastic experience. On par or better than using Sketchbook Pro.

To answer the question with absolute certainty: yes you CAN rest your hand on the screen while you're drawing, just like you can on Intuos tablets that do not support "finger touch". The Surface Pro is fantastic in the way it recognizes touch input: if it does not detect the stylus then will react to finger (or other capacitive) touch. But when you hover the stylus about half an inch above the screen, it will detect it and no longer react to your fingers. So the stylus springs to life when you're near the screen, much like an Intuos/Cintiq pen does.

By the way: Manga Studio has a fantastic feature which other programmers could learn from (cough Adobe): in the Preferences, you can tell the Windows Version of MS5 which set of drivers to use for pressure sensitivity: Wintab or Tablet PC. Therefore pressure sensitivity works great on the Surface Pro when set to "Tablet PC".

If you need anything else, let me know.
i am holding out for the free trial..

Tony --

It's on their website now. Manga Studio

Look for "Free 30 day trials" under "Get Manga Studio" near the bottom. I was going to download it, but will wait until Ladyfriend returns from her trip. Don't want to start the clock running until she can start using it.

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