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Got a used Surface pro a few days ago. The only things I installed were office, panda antivirus and manga studio 5 ex.
Everything was working fine, turned it off last night and when I returned to work on it this morning for some reason it booted in automatic repair mode.
It failed and is stuck on an automatic repair loop now. I've spent all day trying to fix it to no avail.
Refresh doesn't work. I can't reboot into safe mode as I don't have the keyboard, though I tried doing so through the command prompt unsuccessfuly. I also used the command prompt to disable the automatic repair mode but it did not work and still stuck in the loop.
I don't want to try and reset it as I have the one file from what I was working on which had a lot of effort invested into it.
Can anyone tell me how to solve the loop problem, or even just how to recover that one file when you can't boot up.
Obviously not like a laptop where you could just take the HDD out to get to it that way. If I could get the file I'd be really happy, so of anyone can assist I would be eternally grateful.
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Sorry about this problem, @Katsarayuki

Is there a chance that file is on OneDrive? If so, you could perhaps get the file from OneDrive.com on any other computer.


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Unfortunately not. I'd not set it up yet, started out just playing about with things which turned into the project I've lost.
Though things have gone from bad to worse as after purchasing a keyboard to try and boot into safe mode the tablet is now just stuck in an endless uefi boot cycle, I've no access to any troubleshooting features at all. I seem to own a brick now X, D


might be a long shot, but maybe turn on or off secure boot. a shot in the dark. maybe its hoseing up the "fix" install.
Hmm, really weird, I had the same issue, but the only time was on my Surface Pro 3, and because of a certain Preview build, I have it in the Windows Insider Slow Ring, and MS had it documented and with a fix.
Now a Surface being a PC, as long as you have USB, it's really hard to brick, and my suggestion is precisely to get a USB Recovery Pen, can be made on another machine with Windows 10, and boot from there, first priority would be to copy work, second you should have access to various recovery options from reverting to a previous working state or windows version (this will keep all your data files intact), to clean re-install windows, and here you have both options, either clear all data and programs, or just programs, in which you will keep all your data files, but would have to reinstall all the software.
By the way I usually do it even on new machines so I know the options done when setting up the machine, and would definitely do it on a used machine, also on computers with SSD like the Surface, it takes around 2 hours to setup Windows and base software.

Hope it helps.