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So i just got my surface pro today from best buy and everything was working great but then i let it charge for awhile and get dinner and afterwards im having tons of bugs... so first off I cant get my on screen keyboard to pop up unless manually clicking it. and i mean when im trying to unlock the pc. On the MS website it said to rotate the screen but i cant because it wont rotate my pc says it's in laptop mode? but its not the cover is not even plugged in. also my type cover will not work.. please help =(


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Have you tried to unplug the touch cover than plug it back in. Also on the sign in screen, there is an option to hot button on the bottom of the screen where you can pull up the onscreen keyboard.


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The same exact thing happened to me. I was using my wife's touch keyboard and I didn't have one (I was trying to see how using it as a slate would be). After 2 reformats that did not fix the issue, I brought it back to the Microsoft Store and the tech there said she has seen this happen when the Surface thinks the keyboard is plugged in.. She attached a touch cover and it fixed the issue. Bummed that I needed to buy a cover just to fix the issue but at least I found it for less than 80 bucks on Amazon.


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You shouldn't have had to buy a new keyboard, you probably could have exchanged without issue.
I had the same issue, but it is only after you have used a touch keyboard. Like you were told he Surface can under the right condition get confused and not realize the cover is unplugged. The easy quick fix is to plug/unplug a touch keyboard. In the absence of a keyboard, I had luck with a simple reboot or full shutdown. I don't know why you would have to buy a cover, but then I don't go anywhere without mine. I don't use the keyboard very often (except right now), but as a cover it is great to protect the screen.


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Just to check, is this in all environments, or only in Desktop mode? Desktop mode always requires manual activation of the keyboard.