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Masculine Messenger Bag


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My wife loves her Surface RT, and I'm eager to get my hands on a Pro for myself.

While I wait for the release, I'm starting to pick up accessories that I'd like... a microSD card, for example.

I'd really like to get some kind of bag for my Surface. Since I'll be ditching the huge, oversized, heavy laptop I've been lugging around for the past few years, I'd also like to ditch the bulky briefcase/laptop bag in favor of something smaller, lighter, and more stylish.

My wife smirks and me and whispers something about a "man purse" under her breath when I raise the subject, so I'm not asking for her advice anymore. Instead, I thought I'd ask here. (Heck, I've been lurking and reading the posts for long enough...)

Any suggestions for a "messenger bag" style of case? Something sturdy and masculine, but not really a "backpack" or a "purse" or even a "briefcase." Ideally I'd carry my new Surface, a charger, a video connector, probably a book, a couple of pens, and my reading glasses. So I don't need anything too big. I'll lug it to the office, to classes that I teach, to the coffee shop when I wanna work a bit in a more casual environment, to meetings, etc.

I've been browsing on Amazon and such, and I see there are a bunch out there (especially for the iPad crowd, though I don't know if those will work/fit with the Surface). I kind of like some of the "military style" bags made out of durable canvas, but it seems like they're awfully big.

Any ideas?


I'm felling your pain fella. I have seen this hard case which is designed for the RT and you can get the charger into it. Ideal for travel with handles but no strap. I know I saw it on eBay but can't seem to find it right now. The only thing is it still looked like a bit of handbag. I'm using a black Incipio case which means it just gets carried in the hand. At the moment, closest I can get to a manly case
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Edit - found it http://www.skytab.net/proddetail.asp?prod=surface-black
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I got this:
BOSS Black "Bingorten" Briefcase | Bloomingdale's



and it fits the surface PERFECTLY. Plus a headphone amp, some cables, headphones, pens, mophie battery backup, and whatever other crap you want to put in there. Chapstick.


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I really want one too.

Unfortunately it is a well known law of physics that only Jack Bauer can carry a man bag and not look gay.



Bought this one: Amazon.com: BLACK Pindar Durable Water-Resistant Nylon Protective Carrying Case Messenger Shoulder Bag For Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Notebook Laptop: Computers & Accessories Figure I got one large enough for all my surface stuff (Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, cables, charger) and paperwork I might need to take with me.

And considered this one: Amazon.com: Case Logic VNA214 14.1-Inch Laptop Attache (Black): Electronics

You can get either in smaller sizes. I also have this sleeve which can fit in the bag I ordered or just put my Surface in it when leaving lying around or for quick trips out of the house:http://www.amazon.com/Case-Logic-LA...=1361326063&sr=1-3&keywords=case+logic+sleeve
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