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Masculine Messenger Bag


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Much like MDS above, I ended up getting this:
Amazon.com: VanGoddy Pindar Professional Deluxe Business Office Nylon Messenger Case with Padded Shoulder Strap For Microsoft Surface (8 Pro) / Microsoft Surface (RT) Windows 8 Tablet Computer Notebook Netbook Tab: Computers & Accessories

While I typically use this for 1 iPad, 1 Surface w/keyboard and 1 MIFI I have crammed 2 ipads (work/home), a Surface RT, keyboard, 2 cell phones and a MIFI (yes, it gets crowded). The power adaptors I usually pack separate however I am sure I can pack them inside as well.

It suffices.

It is really hard to say that any of these are "real masculine" :)


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If you're manly enough for this you'll be in like Flint [sic]. :D



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I got a Golla Generation Mobile messenger bag and I am very happy with that! Sturdy and masculine enough! Even my lunch box fits in it. However now it is about to be replaced since it's getting old.