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Massive 12-Foot Tall Microsoft Surface 2 Setup in London


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If you would like to play around on the largest Microsoft Surface 2 tablet ever created, then you will need to take a trip to central London. Microsoft setup a huge, 12-foot tall, mockup of a new Surface 2. It even has the new purple colored Type Cover 2, although that part is non-functional. The huge display is really only just that, a huge display; however, it actually does mirror what is going on from a remote controlled actual Surface 2 tablet. Here's a quote with more of the details,

Curious how large that screen is? How about 383 inches in diagonal. That's about 36 times larger than the actual Surface 2 tablet.

The whole installment stands tall at London’s historic Trafalgar square and was built in just 12 hours. The impressive new landmark is a great marketing trick, but what’s even better is that the giant screen is controlled by a single Surface tablet. Microsoft employees are of course wandering around with blue shirts and equipped with tablets to show interested passers-by.

It looks like a Surface 2 tablet for a giant! Who wants one?

Source: PhoneArena