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mastering the touchcover?


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hi, reaching out for your tips on mastering the touchcover.

I want so badly to use this all of the time as my main keyboard. I have a Pro and find that + typecover to be just a bit thick/heavy. plus, you have to flip the typecover around to get it to fold properly on the back of the Surface. by comparison, the touchcover is superthin and just feels better.

but I just can't type as fast on it. the main issue I find is that my fingers slide. that is, if I am LOOKING AT THE KEYBOARD I can type pretty much full speed (for me, 80-120wpm). but if I look at the screen, I end up missing letters and eventually my fingers slide off of the keys.

any tips from the brain trust? I did recently discover the indentations on F ad J, so that has helped a bit already. other suggestions warmly welcomed!!!
According to Microsoft, apparently it will take 4-5 days to get used to the keyboard. If you use the Touch cover consistently, the muscle memory will happen. It's just practice.
I was troubled at first too. Well, after a week I have gotten use to it. What helped me get use to it though was gaming basically. After a couple hours of Team Fortress 2 just to get my fingers and positioning familiar with awsd keys. shift. and space, it started coming more naturally. It helped spending hours playing Guild Wars 2 lol. So basically gaming got me use to it. I forced myself to use the touch while gaming.

Short story I guess you can say, game! play games! lol
I'm a slow typist at 40wpm so the Touch Cover is pretty good for me.
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I'm in the same boat as Arnold so the touch cover doesn't really hold me back (I also do fine on netbooks :D), but the fact of the matter is that the touch cover will never replace a really good keyboard if you need to type at maximum speed. Even Microsoft has acknowledged that in so many words. However, as a thin, lightweight, fully functional cover I don't think it can be beat.
I found that it took be about a week of really using it to get competent, I still make more typos than on a normal keyboard but it is faster than the On Screen Keyboard, so me it is a good compromise.
I guess I'm ahead of the curve on the Touchcover. I was comfortable with it after only a day or so. Keep using it and it will become natural.
I am now at a point where I can type on the Touch Cover as fast as on my Acer S3. However, I'm having a problem of making mistakes with audible feedback off. I think I have to make my self learn. Not an acessory issue, rather more personal.
ok, so I think my big mistake was not resting my wrist on the keyboard...led to my fingers sliding off. now things are better, though I still miss the spacebar frequently
OK, I broke down and bought a type cover. I can use the touch cover and will keep it for use on occasion. Keeping your palm on the cover does make sense. Don't get me wrong, I like the touch cover, but I am just much faster when I can feel the keys without looking at them. The space is the only key I can't seem to consistently hit on a touch cover. I tried a blue touch cover instead of the black I got in the original bundle. Oddly, the color seems to make it easier. No clue why, but it does.
At first my fingertips weren't keen enough to feel the wispy grooves between the keys of the touch cover. That has become better and I can constantly correct my finger position while typing. Anyway, there is still a lot of practice to do