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Memory Upgrade

How can I upgrade from 32G to 64G? Has anybody done this?

That's "storage," not "memory." If you're talking about a Surface, the answer is "impossible" (search for Ifixit teardown). Buy a microSD card or USB drive or user SkyDrive.
Hi Orion, thanks for the information, and please excuse my ignorance between memory and storage. So when I get a 64g microSD how do I put it in? Thanks DMDJ
Sorry for r ��

Hi, maybe you have different keyboard language input (I'm seeing a couple strange symbols there), but I hope you discovered where to insert the 64GB microSD. It's easy--behind the kickstand. However, I'm assuming you have a Microsoft Surface even though this thread is in the general "Windows tablet" section (which I just noticed now, sorry).

If you have a different brand tablet, then the procedure may be different.
No onion, its not language input, its the little emoticons that come with the onscreen keyboard (little smiley face beside the spacebar) that doesn't work in forums, I think it's for chat apps like messenger or Skype now and other ones....