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Disappointing Customer Service from Microsoft


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This was the big test for me, if Microsoft would give good customer service, similar or better than Apple.

I purchased 2 Surfaces, 32g and 64g, for me and my wife. The 64g (mine) is warped, and is like waves bulging up wear the top metal part connects to the rest of the tablet, in 3 places.

At first all help was nice, but after 45min, it ends up with some specialized personal has to call me back?
1 week later no call, and I call again, another week later, no call. Really, this is so frustrating and has turned me off of ever purchasing Microsoft again.

If anyone has been through this, tell me if you ever got a call back.


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The several times I called them about any product, they've always been helpful and never told me that someone would call back. Maybe you just had bad luck this time around.


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I had a problem with the magnets falling out of the bottom of the tablet the day after I brought it home. I was in a chat with support, they said it was serious and that someone would call me within 72hrs. Before I ended that chat they said it was serious enough that someone would call within 24hrs. I got the call from Redmond within an hour. They wanted the tablet and keyboard shipped directly to them so the Surface team could see it. They emailed a Fed-ex label later that day and I shipped it on Monday. I felt initially they were pretty responsive but it took 11 days for me to get the replacement from the time I shipped it. They also promised some Microsoft Points or other freebie for my trouble which I have yet to see.


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Maybe but this isn't a simple issue, this is a damaged Surface. Was hoping someone had something similar, to tell me their experience, but also glad to see most haven't had this kind of experience.


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I got my Surface last Thursday. Within half an hour of turning it on it developed a vertical yellow band on the rh edge of the display. Got onto Chat and they set up to get it returned to Sydney (I live in Australia). I had to wait until the next day for the mailing label and then wait again for a courier to pick it up. I still don't know whether it made it to where it was supposed to go and can't get any info from MS as to what is going on apart from being told that my order is being processed which is what the Web site also says and has said since I filed the repair request. If it had been Apple I would have had a replacement in my hands from the Apple Store that afternoon! There are no MS stores here in Oz, just online. So, my thoughts of their customer support aren't very good at the moment. I do not expect same day replacement but a clear idea of what is going on would be nice!


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Hi - if you have a windows store (brick and mortar) within reach, go there. If you have a hardware problem with your Surface (even if you ordered online) return it there (30 days no questions asked) and buy a new one. I've done this twice. Quick and easy done in 15 minutes.