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metro mail app, not grouping by conversation correctly


I also posted this at the answers.Microsoft forum. Wondering if anyone here has experienced this using the default metro mail app.
Hi all,

Pretty sure this started happening with the last update of the mail app (about a month or 2 ago??). Before then, things worked fine.

Anyway, I have it set up to group by conversation.

Say an email is sent to me and to others. As long as I do not respond to the email, all other responses group fine. So if 3 people reply to the original email, I see all the replies grouped with the original - as expected.

However, as soon as I reply, any additional replies after mine get split into a different email conversation. So if I am the 4th person to reply, the first 3 responses (plus the original email) show up in one conversation. Then any responses to my email plus my sent email (I have show sent items in inbox turned on) show up in a different conversation.

Further every time I reply (and get a response) another conversation is created.

I am using an outlook.com email account.

I've tried turning the show sent items off, I still get the same conversation splitting behavior, minus the sent email being displayed.

If I check my email on outlook.com I see the same split conversations created by the app.

However, if I actually use outlook.com instead of the app to do the replying, then the conversations group properly and show up properly grouped in the app as well, but then, again, as soon as I respond from the app, the conversation gets split out on the next reply.

This is very annoying.

Another issue I have, that I am sure is related, is that even though I have 'show sent items in inbox' turned on, my sent message does not show up in my inbox until someone replies - at which point both my sent message and the reply show up in their own conversation (as noted above).



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Yup...I know exactly what you are saying. I noticed it too! And, yes, this happened suddenly. The odd thing is that if I used another device (like my phone or iPad) to respond to an email in a conversation, it appears as part of that conversation. But if I use the Mail app, then it does not. Very odd and very frustrating since there is not a peep from MS about this.

Edit: An alternative would be to use Outlook, but it is over-kill for me. Of course as and when MS releases the MUI version of Outlook then things may be different. But that too is quite far away from being released, I guess.