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Mail App - Sent Messages


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I have two email accounts feeding into my Mail app. One is Yahoo! and the other is Gmail.

In both cases, I find that emails that I send (whether from another email app/program or from within the Windows Mail App), I can't see them in my Sent messages folder.

Every other program/app that gives me access to my emails shows my sent messages.

The only messages that I see in my Sent folders are the ones that were 'synched' when I first set up my emails in the app.

I've Googled this and it seems to be a problem dating back years. Does anyone else experience this and have you found a way to rectify it?


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Those are the Sent messages you have chosen to store on your local computer. If you click "Folders", you will see Sent folders for your individual (IMAP) accounts.


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So, I did as you suggested, but I'm still not seeing any emails that I've sent from either of those accounts.

Can anyone else weigh in on whether they're experiencing this?


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Working for me....



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If you go in to the Charms bar>Settings>Accounts and click on one of the accounts (say gmail to begin with) you should then be given the server settings for this account.

At the bottom should SPECIAL IMAP folder mapping, and you may have the option to tell the Mail program to save Sent, Drafts and Deleted to either local folders or the server. I don't have mine with me to show but I've seen this problem with IMAP accounts before across numerous devices.

Ideally, you want it to map everything with the server side folders.


I found this image which should be what you're looking for: