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Micro SD card and file history backup failiure / problem


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Dear all,

I have a micro SD card inserted in my SP2 (a Transcend 16GB card). I have set up Filehistory to backup my files to the card. This works well the first time. Meaning when I have the SP2 started, insert the card and let Filehistory do its thing. BUT as soon as I chose to shut down my SP2 or make it sleep the card is never recognized upon starting the SP2 or waking it up from sleep.

At this time I get the suggestion to insert my card again since "your SD card was disconnected for to long". I am asked to "Reconnect" my drive for filehistory to start again. By removing the card, inserting it again and activate file histroy through the control panel it all works well again. UNTIL I power off the SP2 or let it go to sleep.

What is wrong? I have searched the forum but come up clueless.

Any help is very appreciated.

Kind regards