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Micro SD card issues


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Hi Can anyone help? All of sudden the SP2 doesn't see the micro sd card?
I'm using the scandik Ultra 64gb Xc1 and have been doing since I purchased the SP2 approximately 2 weeks ago, Turned it on today and no card?
I've done all the usual things I could think of
  • Removed replaced the card (and it clicks back in)
  • turned the pc off then back on
  • Windows update
  • Scan for hardware changes
  • Tried the sd card in another 2 machines and it works fine
  • Looked in device manager and it does see it

But no folder "this PC"
Sometimes when I turn on the SP2 it is there and works, but more often than not is is not showing in my PC
Is it worth OR can I update the driver for the sd slot somehow?
Any ideas at all are much appreciated
THis pc (Small).PNG
THis pc 1 (Small).PNG
Device manager (Small).PNG
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Hi Tried reformat to NTFS ..it was better but still disappeared every now and then, changed the card for a new one .same thing.?
Reformatted to exFAT and it is better although in 4 days is disappeared again (only once though) ,...............I have to restart to get it back ?
These card manufacturers recommend exFAT as the best format.
What to do!


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sorry but it sounds like your card is not mounting right, perhaps something is wrong with the sd card slot?


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I have the same problem with sandisk 128gb
I tried all the possible solution, tape, reformat, etc... still the same...

I have sandisk 64gb and i dont have any problem with it...
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guys, do we have any evolution / solution since the identification of the SD card issue with lots of S2 & SP2 ? I am having the same problem too, and couldn't find any solution yet... please help.