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micro sd card


I have inserted my 128GB micro SD card it displays ok
2 (two) days ago but now it does not display. I insert it again
To no avail. Question when you insert it should there be
A clicking sound? I get on sound is this this normal?
I Have pro 3 i5/128GB should I return the unit?


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Wrong section by the way... have you installed Windows 10 yet? I had some problems with my Micro SD card when I was using Windows 8 (it was the one @GreyFox7 mentioned) but it's been absolutely flawless whilst running Windows 10.


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Don't return it just yet. The micro SD card problem is well known on these tablets. I also have a SP3 I5 128GB and just installed the newest Sandisk 128GB card, SDSQUNC, and had the problem where the tablet would not see the card about half the time after a wake-up. The problem went away after replacing the Realtek USB 3.0 Card Reader driver with the Microsoft generic USB Mass Storage Device driver. See the following link on page 7 about 2/3 of the way down, entry by Bagg3rs, March 24, and the entry it references. There are some comments that suggest that this is not a permanent fix, but after a few dozen wake-ups, so far so good...

Surface Pro microSD card unmounts after waking up from sleep