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Micro SD card dismounting

I had a 32gb card in my surface pro 3 for the first two weeks without a problem it is the same one I had in my pro 1 for over a year. Now last week i received my 128gb and I've been experiencing the same dismount problems. You cant see the data but when you go to eject it, the sound is made as if it was still connected. I guess this has to be a card issue
I have a Sandisk 128GB Micro SD on my Sp3 i5/256 for the past 2 weeks. I have Box and OneDrive synced folders on here and have several other files. No problems at all...never dismounted that I know of. I use my SP3 at least 13 hours a day
I am having a problem with mine. Tried the tape trick but it still unmounts. I have bought another one and hope that it is just the sd card. I am planning to sync one drive with the card as well and I hope that works.

Did any of you do some other software updates or driver updates for this to work?
apparently my sd card is broken. I replaced mine with the same brand and the same capacity. It has not dismounted ever since... Just an update
Alright so I see that this is an on going problem with the SD cards not staying connected to the Surface.

I refuse to believe that this is a hardware issue. I say that because when the SD card does disappear, if I go to disk management I can still see the card albeit no info is available for it.

Also when the card disappears, when I eject it Windows makes a noise letting me know something was disconnected/removed. If the card somehow wasn't making good contact it wouldn't be showing up in Windows at all. It would either show up or it wouldn't.

The Micro SD card is a SanDisk 128GB. I heard some people tried to put electrical tape on the card to make the contacts press together but it didn't do the trick for me. This is obviously a software problem.
I think that the micro SD problems on the Surface is a real SCANDAL I have had problems since I bought my machine with the SD Card going in and out for no apparent reason. Totally unreliable since day 1. Tried several different card manufacturers-no good. Finally my surface crashed and it didn't recognize the SD Card at ALL! After trying all the online help for 8 hours I drove 20 miles to a Microsoft Store. Complete waste of time. The tech said off the record that it is a common problem--a defect-- that Microsoft has refused to acknowledge and fix. I think there should be a recall. The best the tech could offer me was a $550 swap for a rebuilt machine. WHAT BS!