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Mounted micro SD card cannot remove in disk management


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Hi folks,

I just got my SP3 and a Transcend microSDXC.

I followed the PART I of this tutorial (https://stltechtalk.com/ultimate-ms-surface-hack-fully-utilize-micro-sd-card/#.) and mounted it as a permanent driver. Now I want to dismount it, but the disk management keep jump out a warning says "Access is denied" as in attached picture.

Does anyone knows how to fix this problem?
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Actually a micro sd memory chip works fine by just plugging it in the slot. You can access without any additional hacks.


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To ATF_Spider,
I haven't thought about that. I will try to contact them. Thanks!

To bluegrass,
I just wanted to sync my dropbox to sd card at the first place. But after this setting, I can't sync onedrive to the sd card.
Considering the files size, I decide to sync onedrive and want to undo this setting. Then I encounter this problem.


I just. brought a micros card 128 no name card.
I. can read/write on it save files on it I only paid $8.00 for it
I do not know how stable it is but time will tell.


I only paid $8.00 for it
I do not know how stable it is but time will tell.
8$ you mean 128mb and not 128gb right? There is a tool called h2testw to test USB and flash drives. Should also work on MicroSD. You really should test yours. Thats a way to good offer ^^
You bought it online?