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micro SD card for SP 3 need recommendation


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If you're looking for something a little smaller the
Samsung 64GB Pro or 64GB Evo. Both also available in 32GB.

I'm hoping the 128GB Pro will be available soon.


My experience has taught me to Google the product I am interested in and see how well it stacks up against like products. If it is a computer product I consult Newegg.com - 4-5 stars is usually safe.

Based on my SSD experience, it is a memory type product, I'd be all over a Samsung Pro when it arrived.


SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card with Adapter up to 48MB/s Read (SDSDQUAN-128G-G4A)

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There is another thread that discusses the microSD card dismounting at will. Several posters claim it is the SanDisk cards (especially the 128GB) that do this. I have only used the SanDisk 128 GB card and have the dismount issues. But they are infrequent enough right now that I just live with it...planning on a 256 when they get out there. And I will probably pass on SanDisk. But that is just my sample of one :)


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Working with the SP3:

- Intenso 64 GB
- SanDisk Ultra 16 GB (red-gray)
- Samsung EVO 64 GB (white-orange, or as some may see it, blue-black :D )