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Micro SD Card Issues


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I recently purchased a SanDisk micro sd card 64gb for my surface 2 mainly for videos. When I transfer videos to the card some work while others don't. They all work on my computer running windows 7 and are not protected files. I have reformatted the card multiple times and each time different videos work but never all of them. I also have an issue with videos and pictures randomly disappearing from the card. The videos play perfectly from my flash drive or off of the internal memory on the surface. Am I just dealing with a corrupt sd card or am I missing a fix? Any help would be appreciated. First time poster.


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Because you have formatted it (again) my guess is that it isn't a corruption issue. It is more likely a bad card. It can be just bad enough that it would appear in one system to be OK but not in another.


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So what device do you use to view these videos from the card after transferring?

Since this is a SanDisk card and a lot of people including me have problems either
plugging it in or taking it out of my surface (It gets stuck and wont pop back up), I have to
ask if the card doesn't disconnect momentarily during transfer?

Try this: Transfer some videos you know wont work to a usb (from surface) and then empty the usb stick to another machine, then try to throw them in to the sd card. that would answer at least some questions.


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After two days of frustration I have come to accept that it was a bad SD Card. I bought the SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro SD XC off of EBay and it shipped from China... Never worked as it was supposed to as detailed above. I tried to get videos to play on it by transferring the video in every way possible. All the videos played if they were on the internal memory of the Surface, PC, or Flash Drive. Random videos played from the SD card on the computer and surface no matter where I transferred the files from.

Bought a SanDisk Ultra Plus 32gb Micro SD HC from Best Buy and it worked as it was supposed to from the get go. Tried to save a little on the price and got burned.

Thanks for the feedback!