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Micro USB/charging issue?


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Recently went to fire up my S3 at work only to discover the battery was dead--despite having disconnected it from an overnight charge (on the official charging unit) that morning. Went home and discovered that, even though the charging cord light was on (which I assumed meant 'charging'), it wasn't charging the battery. Had to wiggle the cord a bit before the charging actually began. Today, plugged it in--no problem. My brother (who works for Microsoft) thinks he's seen reports of this and it might be firmware related. Thoughts?


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Might be the cable or some other weird micro USB issue. I connected my battery pack to charge, hours later still only showed one light. Disconnected and reconnected, still nothing after a couple more hours. Switched chargers, nothing. Then tried another cable and it started charging. Later to confirm the cable was bad I connected the charger to the battery pack and it worked. Thoughts... micro USB charging sucks.


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My thought is that firmware is NOT where the issue lies. Most likely the port or the cable which would be hardware.


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Agreed, probably an issue with the charger. You should have no issue getting Microsoft to replace it.