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Microcenter getting a special "batch" of i5 128GB tablets, is MS trying to make fools of customers?



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My replacement device had malware on it. I had to do a full reset to get rid of it. The malware did not let me use Ms account and messed with sites. Looks like the malware was designed to collect personal info.


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I think I just stay with my SP3, it's perfect but the slow sumsung SSD, for refurbished ,you never know what's the problem with them , what do you guys think? Thanks.


Personally, if I was not facing any problem with my device even if I had the slower SSD (which I don't), I would not like to exchange it. But that is just me. I have two reasons for this (1) I have my current machine set up exactly the way I want it setting it up again would be a real pain and would take a lot of time - yes, despite using the back up image and (2) I would never know whether the replacement machine would have any issues and I really would not like to deal with anything like that.