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Microsft Surface RT will not switch on


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My surface will not switch on. I was watching a live stream of the test cricket last week, when the screen effectively froze. The stream was still working, but I couldn't get off of full screen, either by switching tab or pressing the windows home button. So I decided to switch it off and switch it back on again. However after I had switched it off, when I went to switch it back on again all I got was the surface start screen, and it would stay there doing nothing. I have tried holding down for ten seconds and switching back on and pressing down with the volume button at the same time with no luck. So any help would be greatly appreciated in the attempt to get it working properly again :) thanks in advance


if it stayed there for more than 10 minutes I guess and did that everytime you tried to reboot, I think you'd have to resort to a reset from your restore image, if you still have it


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do you mean the surface start page or the cricket? i am not very techy at all what/how would i reset from my restore image? thanks


I got this from one of the microsoft forums:
Hopefully you can reproduce it:

The only way to kick off a RESET without signing into Windows is to interrupt windows startup a couple times to get Windows Automatic Repair to start:1. Turn off the device by holding power for 6-10 seconds
2. Tap the power button to turn it back on.
3. Once the surface logo appears, wait for circling dots to appear and then hold power for 6-10 seconds to turn device off again.
4. Repeat steps 2&3 until the surface logo appears with words underneath saying “Preparing Automatic Repair”
5. Recovery mode will start.
6. At the Bitlocker screen, tap “skip this drive”
7. Tap advanced options
8. Tap Troubleshoot
9. Tap Reset…
10. .. tap Just remove my files.
11. Reset process will take approx. 20-30 minutes – all data will be removed from the device.
After the Reset process completes, the OOBE/start up wizard should start and the customer can complete setup of their Surface device.
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