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Randomly issues with external screen and docking station


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Hello all,

More than ten times a day, I have an issue with my external display plugged in my surface 3.
My surface 3 is docked in a Microsoft docking station.

The only way to solve the problem is to press the surface 3 power button (short push) to switch off the screen and press again to switch on the screen...

I have Windows 8.1 with the last microsoft update (last firmware and driver).
I'm not an isolated case, all my team at work has this issue, randomly.

Is there a patch or a fix for that?
Here is a picture of what happen.

Thank you for your help.

screen freezing.jpg
I have the Windows Docking Station and S3 with Windows 10, I've had zero problems connecting to an additional monitor, I was going to suggest a dodgy cable but that obviously isn't the problem since your team has the same issue, maybe some more of the more talented folk on here can help - the monitor I connect too is pretty old too
Hello Zippy0n,
thanks for your help.
All the team has the same config, maybe all cable are dodgy... or maybe the master.
Hope someone can help.