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Microsoft is now more innovative than Apple


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What a interesting article and I'd have to agree!

On Wednesday, Microsoft held an event in which it showed off a whole bunch of 3D software baked into Windows 10, a new Surface PC that competes with the iMac and an interesting new device for the Surface line of PCs called the SurfaceDial.

This is a dial device that you use in addition to a mouse, a digital pen and a touchscreen. It lets you manipulate the images on your screen, so you can do things like bring up new color palettes, adjust volume and screen brightness, or even scroll through a big document.

Now add in Microsoft HoloLens, its augmented reality device that will cost about $300, and all the cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) services Microsoft is offering developers, and you've got a company that is truly impressing people with a new wave of innovation.

Contrast this with the company previously known as the monarch of innovation: Apple. Apple is the company that brought us the iPod, the iPhone, the tablet, the first verbal digital assistant, Siri. On Tuesday, after reporting its first decline in revenue since 2001, with shrinking shipments across all products, an analyst asked Tim Cook the unthinkable question: Was the company now just a follower of other's innovations? (Cook was none too pleased with the question, or the implication.)

None of this was lost on people watching Microsoft's event. One thing people tweeted over and over again during the event: Microsoft is now officially more innovative than Apple.

Source: People are saying that Microsoft is now more innovative than Apple
It is hard to disagree. There is no denying Apples ability to perfect (debatable) existing tech innovations which never quite took off, but it has been many years since they actually innovated anything significant.

To me all you have to look at is the pen.touch capability of windows and the devices available that are making use of it. Nothing MS or others do will really have any effect on where the money goes imo, but in terms of innovation, first the surface, surface book, now this surface studio. It is mind boggling how Apple have let their actual technology become so irrelevant compared to the competition. If they were any other company, without the blind loyalty they enjoy, they would be in HTC's position (although one can argue at least HTC still try and innovate even if they are rapidly going the way of blackberry or nokia in terms of hardware.
"Let the settlers take the arrows" is probably Apple's corporate mantra now. When they need "innovation", just buy it in. Makes a lot of business sense (about $46.85 billion for the last quarter).
I'm not going to get into the "Which soulless corporation is better than the other" argument but I went to an MS Store yesterday and I have to say, that Surface Studio is a damn nice piece of technology. I'm not an artist/creative type so it's not for me but still, that monitor. Whew.
The Surface Studio is amazing. Computer technology seemed to have plateaued and I don't even look at the Best Buy flyers any more for the latest and greatest computer equipment.

When I saw the Surface Studio, this was the first time I was excited about a computer in years.

I probably won't purchase one yet, as I don't do a lot of media and drawing, but I am certainly impressed by the innovation and would own one if money were no object.
I must admit that the Studio is a very sexy computer!!! As I was buying my surface book this week I couldn't help wonder whether the book with a 27 inch monitor or the studio is a better deal? The format of the book is great but the Studio is from a different time and space outside of this dimension. Also couldn't help but wonder if the new dial will work with the book?
Yes... Now Microsoft is really more innovative than Apple. But Microsoft needs more improvement in windows. I have some issues with Windows 10
And Apple users are a very conservative group and won't let go of the programs they've grown accustomed to using regardless of how superior another piece of hardware might be.
I like apples and oranges.
I like burgers and pizza.

Both are good.

Don't have to give up one for the other.
Each can be configured or prepared in various ways.

New creations coming out continuously.
Chefs of each compete for my money every day.

I win.

I've been running Win 10 exclusively on my MBA and MacMini for a year now. No way I would or could run Sierra on my Surface or Samsung TabPro S. :D