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Comments on the Microsoft Tablet from analyst Jeff Kagan


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Comment from Jeff Kagan, Tech Industry Analyst at [url]www.jeffkagan.com[/URL]

Comment on Microsoft Tablet News | Jeff Kagan Tech Analyst

First impressions:

Microsoft seems to understand the challenge and the opportunity they face right now. The question is can they deliver?

If this is just a tablet, on it's own, it will struggle. However if this is a tablet and it is connected with other Microsoft products and if it gives users the choice to store data on the Microsoft Cloud, this could be a big winner.

Apple has the formula. If Microsoft does the same thing as Apple, this could be a wild success. IF.

Both Apple and Microsoft are similar. Microsoft can be successful if the copy the Apple model in their world.

Anything else and it will struggle like every other tablet in the market except the iPad.

Microsoft has been with us since the beginning of this tech revolution. We know Microsoft. We have been through many ups and downs, challenges and opportunities with the company.

At this point we think of Microsoft like JR Ewing of the TV show Dallas. We love and hate them both, but they are part of us.

That is one of their key strengths. They are a long time and still innovative company.

However they have tried several times over the last decade or longer and have just not succeeded in smart phones or other areas.

This is a new opportunity and challenge for the company.

I think this is a special opportunity for Microsoft if they understand it and can leverage it.

They have to have a great device, an updated brand, and they have to market exceptionally well. If they do all three they stand a great chance to succeed.

This tablet business must be successful right out of the gates.

How can Microsoft guarantee that? Easy. Follow Apple.

We have watched Apple grow over the years, first with their devices and now with their Apple iCloud. Store all your information on the cloud and access it on any Apple device.

These are simple and brilliant ideas that are brand new to this space.

If Microsoft has a great device and can tie them altogether with a Microsoft Cloud, and if they can market it correctly, they could win here.

That is a big challenge however.

Will customers see Microsoft as cool and with it, or as the loveable dear old Grandpa character.

Microsoft needs to update their brand.

So they will either do very well, or they will struggle. And it's all in Microsoft's hands.