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Microsoft is Supposedly Investing in Cyanogen


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Here's some strange news from late last night. Both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was planning to invest in Cyanogen. Here's a quote from the WSJ on the issue,

People familiar with the matter say Microsoft is putting money into Cyanogen, which is building a version of the Android mobile-operating system outside of Google’s auspices.

Microsoft would be a minority investor in a roughly $70 million round of equity financing that values Cyanogen in the high hundreds of millions, one of the people said. The person said the financing round could grow with other strategic investors that have expressed interest in Cyanogen because they’re also eager to diminish Google’s control over Android. The identity of the other potential investors couldn’t be learned.

Spokespeople for Microsoft and Cyanogen declined to comment.

Apparently, this is Microsoft's play to get their fingers deeper into the Android pie. This way, Microsoft can create a version of Android that is more friendly to their app ecosystem than Google has been.

As for Cyanogen, this is their way of dominating the Android landscape. In fact, the Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster, boldly claimed, “We’re going to take Android away from Google.”

It sounds like this team-up is designed to specifically diminish Google's control of Android. If this turns out to be true, what do you think of this behind the scenes strategic maneuver from Microsoft?


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Don't experiment or toy around with it, do something bold and meaningful otherwise it's just a waste of time.

Currently there are well over 1 billion Android devices and 1 billion iOS devices these are predominantly mobile devices primarily phones & tablets. Get your billions back Microsoft! :)
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ha! this sounds like MS way of getting back at Google for being so troublesome with Windows and being so anti Windows lol


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Maybe this will lead to a Win 10 mod for Android devices.

Win 10 kernel + Android environment + MS Android skin. + MS Apps & Services Bundle.