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Microsoft Offering Lumia 830 and Fitbit Package Deal


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While this isn't exactly Surface news, it's still interesting Microsoft news for today. The folks in Redmond cooked up a new package deal. When you get a Lumia 830 on a new contract with AT&T for $99 bucks, you will also get a brand new Fitbit Flex Wristband mobile health and exercise device for free. It appears that the offer can only be found by going into a Microsoft store.

For more info regarding this offer, here's a Microsoft link that helps you find the closest Microsoft store to your location: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/stor...ail_Lumia830_OnlineBM_11-17-14_Nav_FindaStore

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Donald King

I love my SP3. But I have to admit I owned two Windows Phones (Lumia 520 and a Lumia 920) and after a few months went back to Android. The Windows Phone OS is amazing, but a good OS does not a good smart phone make. A free Fitbit does not make up for the lack of app support in Windows Phone. You could say the same about MUI apps in 8.1 and the SP3 - but I use my SP3 mostly for traditional desktop apps.


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They did? What does that mean for Fitbit users?
Well hard to say... seems there was a disagreement...
It’s official. Apple is no longer selling Fitbit’s popular line of activity trackers, either online or at the company’s retail stores. The move was first rumored last month and comes just a few weeks after Fitbit told customers that it had no plans to integrate with Apple’s new Health app in iOS 8.​
Apple can be pretty cold to those it don't like so how long any Fitbit App might remain is anyone's guess. Id be surprised if any updates get approved.

Donald King

The move away from Fitbit could also be related to the upcoming release of their watch. The watch has fitness sensors (or is supposed to) and Apple is not going to sell a competing product. That is understandable. If they block further deployments and updates of the Fitbit app however - that just makes them jerks.....


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I have the 830 and it's a fantastic device. I didn't want or care for the Fitbit so I sold it the same day I purchased the phone. I sold the Fitbit for $80 which brought down the price of the 830 to a more realistic level. $450 minus the $80 = $370 as my actual out of pocket expense for it.

It feels like a high end and premium phone in hand and it's pretty snappy all things considered.

I don't regret buying it and would do so again.