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Microsoft Pokes More Fun at Apple with Dell Tablet vs. iPad Video


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You gotta hand it to Microsoft's PR team, they certainly know how to make a snarky ad that pokes frun at the competition without actually being too rude about it. In the above commercial we see the Dell Dell XPS 10 running Windows 8 compared to the iPad. If you only take the video ad at face value, Microsoft really trumps the competition. Even if some of it might be a bit exaggerated, the contrast is true enough to show folks that a Windows based tablet really does have a ton of value to offer over the iPad.

I just love the way "Siri" seems to wish she were in a Microsoft tablet by the end. :)

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Apple as a company enjoys unusually strong customer loyalty. People should be free to have their own opinions about anything, but I have to admit I do not understand why consumer electronic devices have become the objects of such fanaticism. I readily confess to falling prey to some of this phenomenon myself; even though I own devices made by Apple, MS, and Google, I prefer to use the Surface Pro for almost everything I do on a computer. I find myself secretly "rooting" for Windows8 products to get better and better. I shudder to think of what the world would be like if Apple products held a 95% market share in the industry; monopolies are almost never good for consumers.
MS is smart to approach this complex market situation with simple advertising messages, stated succinctly, and with humor. With enough persistence, such messages might convince more people to demand products that work for them, rather than buying things just because they are "cool"...