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Microsoft Sends Out an Update for the Surface RT


Editor in Chief

Microsoft is doing a great job of keeping the Surface RT humming along nicely. Hot on the heels of an update from last month, we have a new update rolling out to the Surface RT. The update this month includes the following fixes,
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Improved performance with Windows itself
  • Improvements to the volume and power buttons
If you want to find out if you have the update yet, click on the upper right portion of your display (or you can swipe in from the right edge). After that, tap on Settings, then hit Change PC settings. Finally, tap on Windows Update and Check for Updates.

Below is a link to what is in the Feb. update.

Source: Microsoft
It seems like your interpretation of the update description is incorrect.

Contains driver updates improving performance with Windows, Volume and Power buttons

To me, this means that the Windows, Volume, and power buttons have gained improved performance. However, your description states "Improved performance with Windows itself". I don't believe this is what has improved.