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Microsoft Says to Treat Your Surface Laptop’s Alcantara Fabric Like a “Luxury” Handbag


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Microsoft general manager of Surface Engineering, Pete Kyriacou, has been talking to The Verge about the hardware design of the Surface Laptop. According to The Verge, many people are concerned about how the Alcantara fabric will withstand the rigours of use that a laptop goes through.

The high-quality, suede-like Italian fabric, which is also used in high-end cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Audi, is actually well-known for being very durable, despite looking, and feeling, luxurious.

Kyriacou told The Verge that Microsoft has worked with Alcantara to develop the specialized stain-resistant polyurethane coating that the Surface Laptop fabric has been treated with in order to provide even more protection for the fabric, but without making it too thick.

“The balance there was making sure we maintained the luxury feel of the product,” said Kyriacou. “Because you can coat it with a Scotchguard or something like that and make it rubbery, but it won’t be luxury.”

Kyriacou also said that the Surface Laptop needs to be treated and cared for like a luxury item.

“Just like anything luxury that you buy, like great handbags or a pair of shoes or even expensive cars, there is a care that’s needed for the device. And so from the materials perspective, we will ask customers - specifically customers who might stain it or drop something on it - to go ahead and wipe that right away. There’s a simple way of doing that with a microfiber with a soap and water solution on it. You don’t need any special chemical and you can wipe it off.”

Source: Microsoft says the fabric on the Surface Laptop should be cared for like a ‘luxury’ handbag


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That's kinda sexist isn't it... or would it also be like a luxury man bag/man purse? :D

IDK, I think they may lose some man sales over this one.


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I care for my wife's luxury handbag, just like she does. That's because it is expensive.


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I think they should have a male version of this message or a unisex version because handbag just isn't cutting it.

Care for your Alcantara laptop like a fine Lamborghini, BMW, or motorcycle....

Handbag? Handbag? what are you talking about handbag?