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  1. J

    Looking for Surface Laptop 1st gen power cable pinout

    Does anyone have the power cable pinout for the 1st gen surface laptop? I'm considering designing a portable battery-powered charger for it.
  2. Justinblack

    Is Surface Laptop 4 good for students?

    I'm looking for a laptop that has the best multitasking power performance. I would like to purchase a Surface Laptop which will be for students. can I buy Microsoft Surface Laptop | ▤ Full Specifications & Reviews it? Is it a good decision for me? I hope that the expert will share valuable...
  3. J

    HELP Surface laptop flashes logo but doesn't boot

    I've had my surface laptop for a while now and it won't boot anymore! I push the power button and the Surface logo flashes for less then a second then the screen goes black, keyboard stays backlit for another 15 to 30 seconds then also shuts off, I can keep doing this over and over, if i hold...
  4. M

    Microsoft Launches Shocktober Halloween Promotion With Discounted Games, Apps and Entertainment

    Microsoft has today announced the launch of its Shocktober Halloween promotion via the Windows Blog. The “collection of terrifying games, chilling entertainment and haunting apps on your Windows 10 PC” includes some great deals for Windows 10 PC content. First off we have Resident Evil 7...
  5. M

    Microsoft UK Announces Surface Pro 4 Savings and New Surface Laptop Colours

    Microsoft News Centre UK has today announced that as part of a Back-to-School special, it will be offering savings on the Surface Pro 4, meaning that you can currently buy a 128GB, Intel Core m3 Surface Pro 4 plus Surface Type Cover starting at £649 in the UK. The standard Type Covers available...
  6. H

    External monitor for Surface Laptop

    I recently purchased a Surface Laptop with a docking station. I want to purchase an external monitor but need advice on which one would be the best match.
  7. M

    Is This Microsoft’s Forthcoming USB-C Surface Connector?

    Back in May, Microsoft’s Surface chief Panos Panay told The Verge that Microsoft would at some point be releasing a USB-C dongle for its new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, neither of which come with USB-C connections. “I love the technology in Type-C,” Panay said at the time. “I believe in...
  8. M

    Doomfist Announced for Overwatch

    Just as reported earlier this week, Doomfist is the next hero to join Overwatch. His newly released origin story video has already caused quite a stir on social media, with “Doomfist” trending worldwide on Twitter. Many memes have already been spawned in his honour, including several from Tracer...
  9. M

    Doomfist is Finally Coming to Overwatch

    PC Gamer writes that it looks like Doomfist is finally coming to Overwatch as a playable hero, with an in-universe blog post from the "Times of Numbani" reporting that the Talon organization attacked Helix Security International maximum security installation “with the express purpose of freeing...
  10. D

    Still waiting on delivery - Free my Laptop!!

    It is simply amazing how poor customer service can turn a very exciting purchase into a very negative one. I pre-ordered a Surface Laptop and was very excited when Microsoft shipped it before the 06/15 date and even went as far as to air freight it across the continent. As I ordered it from...
  11. M

    Microsoft Says Apple Was Following Them With iPad Pro

    Business Insider reports that Microsoft general manager for Surface, Ryan Gavin, has told them that the iPad Pro was a “clear example” of Apple following Microsoft and not the other way round. Gavin conceded that Microsoft does keep an eye on its competition, but as far as actually assembling...
  12. M

    Surface Laptop and Surface Pro Now On Sale Worldwide

    In a post on the Windows blog Microsoft Devices corporate vice president Panos Panay celebrated the arrival of Surface Laptop and the new Surface Pro, which are now available to buy in 25 markets worldwide, as well as increased availability for Surface Studio around the world. “People are...
  13. M

    Fallout 4 Free to Play on Steam This Weekend

    Bethesda Softworks has announced that Fallout 4 is free to play this weekend on Steam for PC and for all Xbox Live Gold members, running through until 1 p.m. PT on Sunday, May 28. Players will have access to Mod support during the freeplay period, but not to any of the premium downloadable...
  14. M

    Play Overwatch for Free This Weekend

    If you’re someone who hasn’t yet got around to playing Overwatch, now would be a really great time to see what all the fuss is about and get hooked like the other 30 million of us, as for this weekend only the game is free to play, right through until 8:59 CEST on May 29. PC Gamer writes that...
  15. M

    Microsoft Says to Treat Your Surface Laptop’s Alcantara Fabric Like a “Luxury” Handbag

    Microsoft general manager of Surface Engineering, Pete Kyriacou, has been talking to The Verge about the hardware design of the Surface Laptop. According to The Verge, many people are concerned about how the Alcantara fabric will withstand the rigours of use that a laptop goes through. The...