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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse?


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Wondering if anyone knows anything about this mouse? I've had one and I took it back because I couldn't
get it to connect to my sp2, so I got another one and it's doing the same thing so I assume I'm doing something
wrong ( I'm going by the manual but I'm not having much luck getting it to connect).


Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse | Microsoft Hardware


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I have it. Works great! In fact, I love it. Customization of the buttons and its accuracy are brilliant.

What exactly are you not getting to work? Connection or stability?

Make sure you have latest version of software: Software Downloads: Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Also, did you check your devices under Bluetooth? You may need to delete the old one, and enter your mouse's pairing mode again (circular button on bottom) while toggling Bluetooth off/on from your SP2.


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I have this mouse also. It took a few tries before it connected permanently. After about four tries it now connects every time. It's a great mouse for work and gaming. Don't give up on it.


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Thanks Guy's

It's funny, last night I played with it and couldn't get it to pair, got up this morning and it paired no problem.

Thanks for your help


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It's a great mouse physically, although it does have some stuttering problems when the Wi-Fi is under load on the Surface. To pair make sure you hold the button down! Took me ages to work that out :)