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OCD mode engaged. Cyan Microsoft accessories...


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Okay so I have the Sculpt Comfort Mouse...


And I might be in the position to get a Type Cover 2 soon. Originally I was thinking about getting the purple one, however... I was thinking, if the cyan on the cover matches the mouse, wouldn't that look sweet
has anyone seen this products together!? I'm sure they should match, but then again this is Microsoft lol.

Cyan cover don't allow see easily the keys (edges and letters). Low contrast.

That makes sense, though touch typists shouldn't have too much of a problem overall. Does the backlighting not help at all?

As for matching, Kayzee, I've seen people buy sleeves and stuff to match (like the Incipio sleeve with little color tab), so getting the accessories to match isn't a great leap. :p Hopefully MS go the colors to actually match, though--impossible to say with digital images over the internet. At the very least, the colors should be "close" if not matching, but that depends entirely on your OCD, I imagine!
I change my cyan touch per black type and I prefer type because I can see letters better. If I would have to buy again, it is not cyan, statically is great, but it has that problem...
My RT was Cyan all the way around, from the leather case, the keyboard, even my Lumia 920 and Jambox :)...I've switched to black on round 2 (except for the Jambox and a few Nokia accessories).