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Microsoft SP3 Bundle...really???


I called the store online and dashed if I could get this bundle after I have purchased by surface but no luck.


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Everyone here should still be within their 30-day return policy, and so getting an adjustment shouldn't be a problem. After all, you could always return your SP3 and repurchase, and if they don't let you do so with your existing machine then that would just cause them a return. I've found the Microsoft Store staff to be very accommodating, and I'm sure they'd rather do an adjustment than take a return.

Also, there was a similar bundle on launch day of the Type Cover, case, and Microsoft Complete for $249 (which I purchased) and I believe one with Office 365 as well. So I don't think this is anything special.

Regarding stacking educational discounts on top of these bundles, they're not really supposed to since it's already discounted. I convinced the manager at the Microsoft Store I purchased at to adjust the price to reflect my wife's student discount, but he had to really work to get the additional discount applied. I ended up getting a very good price on mine. Again, I found the staff to be very helpful.
I don't know what some people are whining about. When was having a sale bad for the consumer?? As wynad32 said, Microsoft Store has a 30 day return policy. You can easily get a price adjustment still and if they refuse, just return it and buy it again.


Yes, they can sell the bundle without the SP3, so they had me do a return on my keyboard, and I just got the bundle. I was going to buy complete anyway, so its like I got a free office 365 subscription and a sleeve for nothing.


I want to get my wife an SP3. I wish they would just offer a SP3 and keyboard bundle. I don't need a sleeve, already have office 365 and sure don't feel like paying $120 for an extended warranty.


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oh my..... that's a good deal, even better than the student discount. i did not notice you can get 128gb
sd card, not to mention it's only $29~~~