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Surface pro 4 core M3 spare charger


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Hi all,
I searched the forum for this information but I only found a couple of old topics with sometimes contradictory replies.

I would like to buy a (cheap) spare charger for the surface pro 4 Core M3 model to keep at work because I don't like to travel with the original power adapter.

a) Will any 3rd part adapter made for the Surface Pro 4 work with it? I see that most of the adapters are rated 12V while the Microsoft one is 15V 1.6A. I also see that there are a lot of 12V car chargers sold on ebay that claims to be compatible with Surface pro 4 i5 and i7 only.

b) Will the surface pro 3 36W power supply work with it? ( Buy the Surface Pro 3 Power Supply - Microsoft Store )

c) Will the Surface book 65W adapter work with it? ( Buy the 65W Power Supply - Microsoft Store )

d) Is Microsoft selling any replacement charger for the Surface Pro 4 core M3?

Thanks and regards


If you're still under warranty, just get in touch with support and say your charger doesn't work any more. Say a friends' charger works, so they don't think it's the Surface at fault. They'll send you another one. You don't need to send anything to them.
Then go and slap yourself on the wrist for being naughty for getting a free charger.


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I bought surface pro 3 chager (12V , 2.58A), It works for my surface pro 4 m3 version. Just charging time is 20% slower than original one.