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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 update exterminates bugs


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Back on December 10th, Microsoft issued a firmware update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, but had to pull it not too long afterwards because it led to issues with the tablet. At the time, Microsoft said that it would try again to send out the update after the holidays. Those who experienced problems with their slate after the aborted update, have finally received a bug fix on Sunday that corrects those issues.

These issues included problems with battery life, as some complained that their batteries were draining faster than before the update. Others complained that their Surface Pro 2 would shut down completely when the cover was closed, instead of going into sleep mode as designed. Others said that their tablets would just stay on with the cover closed. Those Surface Pro 2 owners who were not affected will not notice any changes to their devices from the update.

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In hindsight, the above source was very poor and did not offer enough, nor completely accurate information. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here's an update below with better info from within our own forums: http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/microsoft-surface-pro-2/7754-update-here-uk.html
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