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Microsoft Surface Pro Can Run Linux


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For a while, there were concerns that Microsoft was planning to lock down Windows 8 tablets in the same way that it had locked down Windows RT tablets, which would have meant a locked bootloader and therefore no option to set up a dual-boot system. But, the Microsoft Surface Pro team has confirmed that the tablet will be able to run Linux.

The information came via a Reddit Ask Me About Anything session with Panos Panay who is a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and works on the Surface Pro Engineering Team. Reddit user Nygmatic asked, "For the Surface Pro....is the boot loader unlocked? Can I do what I want with my (potential) property? Or am I locked in to Windows 8?" Panay cleared up any concerns saying:

"Like other Windows 8 machines, you can access BIOS settings and turn off secure boot, enabling you to load other OSes."

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