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Microsoft Surface Pro Mic Issues?


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I was wondering if anyone else had any problems with their surface pro tablet from Microsoft dealing with the microphone. I'm constantly using skype everyday and people of the other line always say there's a lot of fuzz and static on my mic which makes it unbearable for them to stay on the call.

I've tried to change the mic settings from the default by changing the microphone boost to 0 d.b and lowering my mic a tad to 95.
This hasn't helped at all. I'm stuck using an external headset with microphone which really gets in the way if I'm out and about with my tablet.

Any help? I have basic knowledge of computers and tech and am able to follow directions to do just about anything, even if I'm not familiar.


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There's an existing about that issue. One member even attached a sound file, and it was weird when I heard it. Perhaps look into it. I know the forum search is... somewhat... path****