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Surface Pro Microphone Issues!?

Anybody else having this problem?

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So my boyfriend just got a Surface Windows 8 Pro, and when we use Skype, his microphone emits this loud obnoxious static sound. I included a sound clip of what it sounds like. It's loud enough that we can't communicate without extreme discomfort. I see not everybody has this problem. Any suggestions? We have tried setting the microphone booster to 0dB, and that doesn't not help.
Should he just return it and get a new one?

It is also not speaker interference. We get the same result even if we use headphones and not the external speaker. I know it is the mic, because when using a Bluetooth head set, the problem is resolved.
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Wow! What the...

Did you folks try using a headset with microphone? (with noise-reduction, of course)


Reply to your edit, is then use another wired headset?


Tell your boyfriend to make a recording and save it. Then let's listen.


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I don't have the problem on Surface RT. Is the headset you are using audio only? If it is audio and mic then the problem may still be in the Surface mic. It sounds like a standard case of feedback where the mic is picking up the sound from the speakers. This is usually resolved by turning down the speaker volume or the mic sensitivity. This is only a guess based on the most common issue without being able to hear it.

It is also possible there is a problem with the hardware. First try a refresh, if that doesn't work try a reset if that doesn't work an exchange is probably necessary.