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Microsoft TapTiles


If you haven't tried TapTiles you should give it a go, my wife and I are addicted and always competing for top scores. The daily challenges keeps things fresh and the competition up between us also. Highly recommended.
the game is very good! i`m adicted too!!!

but i notice a problem with the daily chalengers, if you win the 3 daily chalengers you obtain a reward, this month i can´t obtain any reward.

If you try to replay the day the rewards of the 3 games are complete and the reward of complete all are complete too.
This is a bug and the problem is thant if you complete all the games of the month you can´t reach the 10000 coins and not obtain the gold medal! :-(
That's odd, if I haven't done one of the daily challenges in the current month I can just go back to them anytime and complete them. Only yesterday I finally finished a challege from Dec 2nd that was giving me a problem. I just got my Silver medal yesterday, I guess I'll see if I can get that gold or not by the end of the month.
The problem is with the "daily award", you have 3 chalengers for day and each with 100 coins.
If you complete the 3 chalengers you win a "daily award" of 150coins.
I complete all the chalengers of december until 17 (today not) and all the "dayly awards" apears as complete but i not received any coin of this awards :-(

Example after complete all the chalengers of first 17 days of december you must got 7650 coins. with actual bug you only have 5100 coins.
After 31 days of december you only can win (if you win all the chalengers) 9300 coins and never obtain the gold coin (10000).
In normal conditions after you complet the 31 days you will obtain 13950 coins.

The last month this bug not apears, but now this is a problem :-(
I noticed that this is by Microsoft...but they also have the Majong(sp) app...curious as to why they'd have both, they're pretty similar games?
oh my ........this game is free ....but I need the extra time so I have to watch the 30 sec commercial just wish they would change them up more!!!!!
Would love a paid version to remove the commercials. Doubt they will release a paid version, but would love if they would.