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Broken headphone jack


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Hi Guys

I have a surface RT tablet with a busted headphone jack (headphone bolt broken in half, got stuck, wife tried to pull it out with tweezers and damaged the input)

Only bought this thing 3 weeks ago at a local bestbuy, didn't get any protection plan from them.... i've been looking around for options... haven't talked to anyone at ms but it sounds like they'll wanna charge almost the full price of the tablet to replace from what i've read. No local electronic stores have replacement parts for this thing... haven't seen anything on ebay....

ANyone know if microsoft sells replacement parts? I guess there's always the option of bluetooth headphones but having to charge these things is always a pain because they always seem to be out of juice when you want to use them.

Any other suggestions on what i could do?


I would go back to best buy and tell them that you want to ad the geek squad protection. Even though they are not supposed to do this after 15 days unless you are a silver member. Most of the time they will add the service.
Its nice to have anyways, especially for situations like this.