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Microsoft will send you a free Surface Pro 4 spacer for your old Surface Pro 3 dock


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Intriguing, yes?

Here's a quote from the article at PCWorld: Microsoft will send you a free Surface Pro 4 spacer for your old Surface Pro 3 dock

"You’ll need to visit Microsoft’s Surface Online Support Center and click the “Replace an Accessory” button. Register your Surface Pro 4 tablet if you haven’t already. You should then see the option to have Microsoft ship you the free spacer. (Microsoft will reportedly charge $6 for shipping.) For some reason the serial number attached to our Surface Pro 4 wasn’t recognized as a valid serial number, probably because it was a review unit."


The spacer is needed to make the SP4 sit securely in the dock. You can use the dock without it, but then if you knock the tablet, it may dislodge.

I have them, now. It took over four weeks to get them and I was lied to multiple times along the way about delivery/availability. They don't advertise it for they can't deliver in a timely way.

You can also, reportedly, get them at a MS store and not have to pay a thing, by my store never had them and had no idea when they might get them. They claimed they would call me when they show up, but I suspect they never will.

I still have one on order that has not shipped from November 2. I have another I ordered on December 5 as they said there was a glitch and that would be the best course of action and they would cancel the November 2 one. Still, the November 2 order has NOT been cancelled and the December 5th order has still not shipped.

(I suspect their Azure server with Windows 10 clients running on Surface 4s is having trouble with spontaneous reboots and shutdowns ;))


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Just in case anyone was wondering what they looked like...